The Balthali settlement, which is located slightly above the Panauti village is one beautiful destination to go to. Ideal for a day of hiking and a night of camping. Balthai hamlet is a lovely village that takes us away from the rush and bustle of the city and transports us to a greener world as we wander through the fields and woodlands.

Balthali village trek is a popular trip in Kathmandu Valley, which is located east of the city. Balthali Village, just between Panuti town and Khopasi 40 kilometers from Kathmandu. It is a little tranquil settlement and one of the rich cultural communities.

The area surrounding the Balthali Retreat is thickly forested with plentiful floras, colorful rhododendron, and sal trees covering the hill. It offers you to see the view of panoramic Himalayan peaks on the north horizon and green terrace fields.

The trek in a pure village like this has a pleasant feeling and is worth doing so. Knowing the village culture somewhere also could help promote the village. well, after dusk, a myriad of flickering lights below the valley of Balthali Village comes very alive. Giving you a chilling vibe.

Nature lovers and bird watchers can spend days exploring and discovering some remarkable species of wildlife over here. Likewise, the tradition and culture here, have remained unaltered by modernity.

This off-the-beaten-path location offers countless paths leading to some ethnic tribes. t also provides a good spot for short hiking and mountain biking (on easy terrain). Many sacred and historic temples and monasteries, such as Namo Buddha, Indreshwar Mahadev, and Brahmayani temples, are located in this region and have yet to be discovered and uncovered.