What we have for youFeel free to choose what activities you want to participate in in Nepal or what excursions suit you the best.

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Why Nepal In Style?

  • Unique and best tours of Bhaktapur, the ancient cultural city of Nepal
  • Best city tour experience with experienced guides
  • Insight into the diversified cultural mix of Nepal
  • An abundance of wildlife and bird-watching destinations
  • Experience adventurous activities
  • Trace the birthplace of Lord Buddha at Lumbini
  • Taste a variety of Newari cuisines
  • Ensure the safest travel with friendly people

Kathmandu valley tours

The Kathmandu valley, very well known as the markland of ancient arts and architecture is a must-see place. Surrounded all around by the hill stations and temples in each peak of them made the internal valley a more sacred place.The valley, which consists of three beautiful cities of Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu itself is a centre of newari culture and traditions.

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Bhaktapur Special Tours

In this Bhaktapur Special Tour Package, you can find a number of tours that specifically represent the core essence of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur, being an ancient and historical city provides a lot of tours based on heritage sites. However, on this page, you can find the other aspects of Bhaktapur such as the artistic workshops and tours, experiencing local cuisines, making potteries, exploring natural trails, and participating in more exciting activities.

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Bhaktapur Special Tours

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William Santoni

Amazing management! I booked an 8-day tour for 8 people (including myself), and Urmila, the person in charge made this trip unforgettable.

Main itinerary:
– Chitwan (3 days)
– Pokhara (2 days)
– (Mustang (3 days)
We had different itineraries because some of our group members couldn’t all stay the same length of this trip, but Urmila managed to accommodate all of them, providing special services and transportation for those who would leave earlier from the trip.

We had one incident where the hotel we stayed in in Pokhara where the hotel was not nice, and again Urmila’s response was quick and efficient -> 1 message = new hotel, no extra charge, same benefits such as breakfast included. To me, this is really important because things can certainly go wrong, especially in a pandemic period but it’s how you respond to it that matters.

Speaking of pandemics, she was also there for us every step of the way, when the government of Nepal announced a lockdown, or to assist us with going to hospitals for PCR tests.
Man, it was a killer adventure with a lot of rebounds but a big safety net in the person of Urmila. Thank you again.

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William Santoni
William Santoni France

Devi Chakravarti

I took a mountain flight with Nepal in style Travels and Tours on 11th DECEMBER. The experience of booking the flight was extremely smooth and hassle-free. The owner of an agency, Urmila Ji, also managed to book me on a buy one get one free ticket scheme which is available on Saturdays and this was a very good offer in my opinion given the experience one gets in return. I only had to provide details of my name and number and everything else was handled by the agency. I strongly recommend booking with them since they also have many other interesting travel packages and can also customise according to your needs.

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Devi Chakravarti
Devi Chakravarti India

Julie Timm

I am so glad I found Nepal In Style Travels and Tours, I just visited Nepal for the first time and took there Best of Nepal tour.We had a great time visiting and touring Pokhara, Lumbini, and Chitwan.Our guide Urmila Kept us all informed. I would highly recommend Nepal In Style Travels and tours to everyone visiting Nepal.

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Julie Timm
Julie Timm America

Mau Duong

What a fabulous trek , it was my first time visiting Nepal and had such a wonderful time on our 5 days trek.Our guide Sujit did a terrific job pointing out all the best views and gave us plenty of time to visit NamoBuddha  and many more beauties of Nepal.

Thank you Nepal In Style Travels and Tours, I will be back again soon

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Mau Duong
Mau Duong Veitnam

Yuri Bondarchuk

One of the best tours I have taken!!! Extremely well run, everything was just as promised. The owner Urmila personally came with us as our private guide.We elected to save some money by taking the Greenline bus to Pokhara, we enjoyed all the scenery along the way. Bus was comfortable and we stopped for a nice included lunch.
We stayed at several of the KGH hotels that were all fabulous. Pokhara was lots of fun and kept us busy seeing as much as possible.
The KGH hotel in Chitwan was wonderful it is set right in the jungle and very convenient to everything. The elephant ride was a real highlight. The bus ride from Chitwan to Lumbini was a little more exciting Greenline had canceled their service so we took the local bus fortunely we were able to book seats all the way. There were lots of stops and the bus was very crowded and didn’t have a/c.It was an experience I will not forget. Our stay in Lumbini was extremely interesting, I had very little knowledge of the Buddhist religion and Urmila was able to give us lots of information.
If I go to Nepal again I will certainly book another tour with Nepal In Style Travels and Tours.

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Yuri Bondarchuk
Yuri Bondarchuk Russia