Lumbini Tour

Lumbini and Kathmandu

Trip Overview

Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam, the Shakya prince and the ultimate Buddha, the enlightened one, is the pilgrimage destination of the world’s millions of people faithful to all schools of Buddhism. This nativity site, identified by Indian Emperor Ashoka’s commemorative pillar is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

There is this Ashoka Pillar, which showcases the visit of King Ashoka to Nepal and his contributions. Likewise, there are other archaeological findings found in recent years. The Tilaurakot and remainings of Suddodhan’s palace, the temple of Mayadevi, and hundreds of small and big monasteries, all these places made today’s Lumbini a remarkable place to visit.

Although most people (especially the Buddhist prayers) make their visit to Lumbini on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, others make their way to Lumbini whenever they like. The place is not bound by limited opening days or months. Thus, you can go there in your desired month.

Trip Outlines

Since the itinerary could be customized as your will, we have featured here the standard one. If you are comfortable with it, we will go with it otherwise, we would improvise in it. Also, the itinerary does not include your arrival and departure. It starts and ends in Kathmandu.

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing

Day 3: Either drive in from Kathmandu (take almost a day) or fly into Lumbini. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: After breakfast, you will be taken for a full day of sightseeing around Lumbini such as the Maya Devi temple, Ashoka Pillar, Buddha Maya Garden, and other Buddhist Monasteries. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Morning excursion of some monasteries after breakfast. Drive or fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 6: Rest Day

Day 7: Departure

Highlights of the tour

  • Mayadevi temple
  • The remaining the palace
  • Sightseeing at Kapilvastu and Tilaurakot
  • Ashoka Pillar
  • Monastries made by different organizations and devotees

Our Exclusive Package Price

$ 700 per individual

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Detail Itinerary

Day 1Arrival at Kathmandu

As per your flight schedule, we will pick you up at Tribhuvan International Airport. After that, we will drop you at the hotel and let you rest. We will, however, reconvene at the welcome dinner to go over the itinerary briefly.

Day 2Kathmandu Sightseeing

On this day, you will go sightseeing in Kathmandu. We will suggest some places, so you can choose where you want to go. You will be doing sightseeing at heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley.

Day 3Kathmandu to Lumbini

It would take approximately a whole day to reach Lumbini by bus. If you avoid the bus and travel through aircraft, it would take around half an hour or an hour, as per the destination airports. Thus, we would start our journey after having a good breakfast and have lunch on our way. On the very first day, we would take a rest at the hotel, after reaching Lumbini. Night stay at Lumbini.

Day 4Sightseeing at Lumbini

This day, after having a nice breakfast, we would directly head toward the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. After spending some time over there, we would go to the Mayadevi temple and also observe the Ashoka Pillar on the way to Tilaurakot. Lunch at Tilaurakot. Then, we head toward various monasteries built in and around Lumbini. After roaming for a couple of hours, we would head back to the hotel. Night stay at Lumbini.

Day 5Return to Kathmandu

As our arrival at Lumbini, we would return to Kathmandu either by bus or airliner. If you wish to choose a flight, then we would explore some more portions of Lumbini and return to Kathmandu.

Day 6Rest Day

Today you will have a rest day. You can choose to have a relaxed day or go shopping. You can also use this day to visit the remaining heritage sites in Kathmandu. Night stay in Kathmandu

Day 7Departure

We will be dropping you off at the international airport as per your flight schedule. Before that, we will have breakfast or lunch together as we conclude your trip to Nepal.


Yes, Lumbini is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attractions in Lumbini include the Maya Devi Temple (the exact birthplace of Lord Buddha), the Sacred Garden, the Ashoka Pillar, various monasteries representing different Buddhist countries, and the Lumbini Museum.

The duration of a Lumbini tour package can vary, but most packages range from one to three days, depending on the depth of exploration and additional activities included after the arrival at Lumbini.

Lumbini is open to people of all faiths and backgrounds. It is a place of cultural and historical significance, and visitors from around the world come to experience its peaceful atmosphere and learn about the life of Lord Buddha.

Our standard Lumbini tour package typically includes accommodation, transportation to and from Lumbini, guided tours of the main attractions, and meals. Some packages may also offer additional activities or visits to nearby Buddhist monasteries.

Yes, you can customize your Lumbini tour package to suit your preferences. You can often choose the length of your stay, the level of accommodation, and any additional activities you'd like to include.

The best time to visit Lumbini is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear. These seasons offer ideal conditions for exploring outdoor attractions.

While there are no strict dress codes, it's respectful to dress modestly when visiting religious sites in Lumbini. You may want to avoid wearing revealing clothing, and it's customary to remove your shoes when entering temples and monasteries.

Yes, it is. The serene environment and the essence of Buddhist philosophy however is the key of this trip. Thus, if nothing, it gives you a peaceful time.