Bhaktapur Day Tour

Trip Overview

Bhaktapur is one small yet beautiful city, full of antiquities, heritages, and temples. In this Bhaktapur day tour, you will explore all possible attractions of Bhaktapur. You will explore the alleys of Bhaktapur. Likewise, you will see why it is called a city full of heritages.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the main attraction of Bhaktapur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With that, there are other minors and major temples and architectures that are declared heritage sites.

The city has the majority of the population of the Newa people. They are the ethnic tribe of Bhaktapur. Thus, you can also see a distinct culture and tradition practised in this city. They take pride in their community because they have their own language as well as the script. Besides, you can find religious harmony in this city.

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In this day tour, we will explore all four squares of Bhaktapur Nagara. It might get a little hasty day because we will also be exploring the Changu Narayan temple. This temple is also listed as a World Heritage Site. It is counted among the four major Narayan temples of the valley and the oldest temples of Nepal.

Bhaktapur Day Tour Highlights

  • Tour inside the cultural town of Bhaktapur
  • Explore Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pottery Square, Taumadhi Square, and Dattatraya Square
  • Try the pottery-making process.
  • Taste the local Newari food
  • Evening walk on the alleys of Bhaktapur
  • Explore some other minor and major temples
  • Explore Vihara (Traditional Buddhist Monasteries)

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We will pick you up early in the morning if you are staying in Kathmandu. After reaching Bhaktapur, we will have our breakfast in the nearby cafe or restaurant. We will then start the full day of sightseeing at Bhaktapur.


We will start the excursion at Taumadhi Square. Taumadhi Square is the home of the tallest Nepalese-styled temple in Nepal. You can see Nyatapola (a five-story temple) and other major temples in Bhaktapur.


From there, we will head toward Pottery Square. The space is filled with pottery. You can try doing some pottery too, if it interests you.


Now, we will move toward Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the major attraction of Bhaktapur. We will go there, passing through the narrow alleys of Bhaktapur. On our way to Durbar Square, we will stop by Thanka School. You will have a distinct insight into the concept of Nirvana after learning about them.


From there, we will go to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. You will find the square filled with temples, 17th-century architecture, sculptures, and the local people. There's also the National Art Museum and the former Royal Palace.


Now, before going to Dattatraya Square, we will visit one more heritage site. It is a small, traditional-style Buddhist monastery.


From there, we will head to Dattaraya Square. You can find some of the most beautiful architecture and well-carved windows over there. There is also a woodcarving museum and a brass and bronze museum in the square. After finishing the excursion, we will have Newari foods.


Then, we will head toward Changu Narayan Temple. Besides the historical and religious significance, the spot is pretty famous for its sunset view. So, we will stay there until sunset and then return to the hotel.