Special Festival Tours

Nepal is a nation of 125 ethnic communities. With such a wide ethnic community, Nepal can offer you a large number of festivities experiences.
Additionally, every one of these festivals offers a unique experience. The fact that you can take part in these festivals makes them the most intriguing of all.

In Nepal, there are numerous street festivals and religious Yatras. Furthermore, some festivals, such as the Mani Rimdu Festival, are held in specific locations and at specific times. Thus, you can choose to come to Nepal to see these festivals. You can explore Nepal further by trekking or taking city tours while attending these festivals.

Gai Jatra Special Day Tour

Welcome to the Gai Jatra Special Day Tour! Gai Jatra is a unique and colourful festival celebrated in Nepal....

Mani Rimdu Festival Trek

Mani Rimdu Festival is one of Nepal’s most significant and important festivals. It is celebrated by the Buddhists of...

New Year (Biska Jatra) Tour Package

Unlike any other country in the world, Nepal starts to celebrate its New year four days before the event...