The Manakamana literally translates to the fulfillment of wishes. And, there exists this very Manakamana Devi temple who is also known as the incarnation of Bhagawati (Goddess Parvati).

It is believed that she grants the requests of pilgrims of the deepest and purest heart. Thus each year, thousands of pilgrims pay homage to this temple.

Manakamana Temple, like many other hilltop temples, offers views of the Marshyangdi and Trishuli rivers. On a clear day, pilgrims can see the Annapurnas, Himalchuli, and Manaslu mountains since it is located on a 1300-meter hill west of Kathmandu.

Manakamana, on the other hand, not only offers the pilgrimage tour but also offers a penalty of other courses like downhill cycling, rafting, hiking all the way up to the temple and camping as well.

And, there is this cable car thing too. If you are travelling alone, then you can get to know a stranger for at least 10 minutes straight, in the cable car. It is quite an overwhelming experience.