Kapan is a district in Kathmandu that is home to various Buddhist monasteries. And, of course, the most popular. Other religious sites include the nunnery and temples such as Budhanilkantha, Bangalamukh, and Mahankal.

But it is also a great site to visit within the Kathmandu Valley. Its location on Kathmandu’s northwestern outskirts puts it in close proximity to nature. There are numerous locations to visit during one’s stay in Kathmandu, or one can stay at Kapan on their own.

There are homestays available.

Places to visit in Kapan

Pullahari Monastery
Kapan Monastery
Buddha Stupa (Boudhanath)
Bangalamukhi temple
Kapan Aani Gumba (Ladies monk’s monastery)
Simaltar’s Seto Gumba

The serene, secluded serenity of Pullahari, nestled in the foothills north of Boudhanath’s Great Stupa, is suitable for growing greater insight into the Buddhadharma via listening, reflection, and meditation.

Monks spend a lot of time praying, reading scriptures, performing rituals, and dedicating themselves to the transitory good of beings and ultimate realization. Those who complete the three-year retreat learn to become Lamas in the Mahamudra Lineage’s ancient meditative tradition.