Exploring the unexplored; Far west of Nepal

Do you know why the Far West of Nepal is still unexplored?

Because it’s far. Too far to go on a week’s vacation.

And, yes, that is true. The extreme western part of Nepal is so remote that even a 24-hour bus journey will not get you there. But, the location is worth exploring.

The area is still cut down and is known as the bikat, which means “difficult to reach.” And, yes, you see nothing but big hills, freshly dug roads (not even peached), no electricity in most settlements, and difficulties with drinking water and cleanliness over there. People walk for hours just to get a jar of drinking water. You might not believe it until you witness them.

Far west of Nepal
Far west of Nepal

But, despite all these hardships, they are living their life to the fullest. I would say, they are celebrating their life each day. From small kids to the older ones, they all have seen hardships. Perhaps, that’s why they are wise but also innocent. There are still manners, norms, respect towards elders, local livelihood, ethnicity, and a sense of their origin in themselves.

They are still attached to their roots, and that’s where they surpass us, the people who have busy lives but are not living. They still have got their authentic lifestyle.

The people of the far west of Nepal
The people of the far west of Nepal PC: towards.moksha

The main attraction of the far west is the people who have been living there. Only after them, come the natural and other attractions. Besides people, the area is naturally blessed. The saying Heaven is a myth but Nepal is real-this term perfectly matches this area.

The unexplored and unexploited areas of the Far West are as beautiful as the heaven described in any holy scriptures. Although there are a lot of destinations, waiting to be explored, the Khaptad National Park along with Badimalika and Ramaroshan Sites is getting more familiar to the explorers.

Some of the popular destinations of the far west of Nepal

Khaptad Nationa Park

Khaptad National Park (Far west of Nepal)
Khaptad National Park (Far west of Nepal)

Located within four districts of far West Nepal (Achham, Doti, Bajhang, and Bajura), the national park gives you a glimpse of the best meadow fields. But with that, you’ll find a surreal peace in yourself while landing yourself in those green grasslands.

You would not find a bunch of people over there, so don’t get panic when you see only you and your friends in front of your eyes. Within the national park, you, of course, can’t do camping but you’ll find small teahouses to stay.

The national park is naturally a wonderful place, but with that, it contains three spiritual destinations. First, the Ashram of Khaptad Baba. It is open to everyone but there is no one living over there.

Then, there is Triveni Dham, the composition of three rivers. And, lastly, Sahashralingeshwor. The holy temple is located at the top of the hills. There are some other minor temples nearby. You’ll find a lot of such small temples on the way to Bajura and other parts of the Far West.

Khapar Lake (far west of Nepal)
Khapar Lake (far west of Nepal)

There is also Khapper Lake and nearby there is Jaganath Temple. The temple has quite a unique architecture. The most unique part of the temple is that it looks like a house but it is not. Nearby, there is another small temple, built in the Shikhara Style with a pinnacle shaped like an umbrella.

Badimalika Temple

Badimalika Temple is one of the holiest places mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. It is believed that the place is a Shakti Pith where the right shoulder of Goddess Sati Devi fell. With such significant religious value, this place has an outstanding natural phenomenon too. You cannot predict the weather from there. The clouds move faster than your foot over there.

Badimalika (Far west of Nepal)
Badimalika (Far west of Nepal)

The energy that you get upon reaching there is something else. However, the place is not just a pilgrimage site but also the best destination to show your trekking skills.

If you are interested in knowing more about Badimalika, then you choose to click on the following link.

Badimalika; a journey worth giving a Try

Ramaroshan Site

Ramaroshan Lake, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Far West Nepal, is a hidden gem that captivates visitors with its ethereal beauty. Located near the picturesque Ramaroshan Village, this enchanting lake holds a special place in the hearts of locals and nature enthusiasts alike. Surrounded by lush green hills and snow-capped peaks, the lake emanates a sense of tranquillity and serenity that instantly soothes the soul. Its pristine waters reflect the surrounding landscape, creating a mesmerizing sight that spellbound onlookers.

Ramaroshan (Far west of Nepal)
Ramaroshan (Far west of Nepal)

Ramaroshan Lake serves as a natural oasis, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in its peaceful ambience, indulge in leisurely walks along its shores, and soak in the breathtaking panoramic views. Whether it’s a quiet moment of reflection, a picnic with loved ones, or an opportunity to connect with nature, Ramaroshan Lake offers a serene escape where one can embrace the beauty of Far West Nepal.