Wildlife in Nepal

Nepal, according to popular belief, is a small country sandwiched between the two Asian giants, India and China. However, we were unable to compare Nepal to these giants solely on the basis of size. We think we’re as wealthy and beautiful as these nations.

Nepal is home to a diverse range of wildlife as well as ethnic cultures, languages, and traditions. With 12 National Parks, 1 Wildlife Reserve, 1 Hunting Reserve, 6 Conservation Areas, and 13 Buffer Zones spanning from the lowland Terai to the high mountains, Nepal has established a very good network of Protected Areas system, encompassing 23.39% of the entire country’s land.

Nepal’s wildlife is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of animals living in the country’s various climatic conditions, which range from tropical to arctic in different parts of the country.

Nepal has become known as a biodiversity hotspot, with no natural habitats left; instead, the country has established several national parks and reserves to protect the diverse flora and fauna that can be found there. Many national parks, such as Chitwan, are guarded by the army, which maintains bases within the park and conducts regular patrols to deter poachers.

What specifically can be found in Nepal?

The Bengal tiger, Bengal fox, clouded leopard, Indian rhinoceros, Indian elephant, marbled cat, red panda, snow leopard, and Tibetan wolf are just a few of the more than 185 mammal species found in Nepal. Animals that have made Nepal their home can be found in a variety of habitats across the country, from the Terai plains and thick forests to the snowy Himalayan Mountains.

The Asiatic elephant, Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, monkey, hyena, jackal, antelope, wild boar, sloth bear, and spotted deer are among the exotic animals that can be found in Nepal’s dense Terai jungles. Chitwan National Park provides you with the opportunity to see a black rhino, spotted deer, crocodile, and wild boar. Because the one-horned black rhino is so common, most people will see one on their game drive.

Swamp deer can be found in the western Terai jungles, wild buffalo can be found in the Koshi Tappu region, and endangered blackbucks can be found in the Bardia region. The elusive snow leopard has the vast Himalayan region as its domain, and Nepal has its own variety of dolphins that can be found in the Narayani and Karnali freshwater rivers. Blue sheep, musk deer, yaks, and Himalayan tahr are some of the other mammals that live at high altitudes.

Nepal is known not only for its impressive collection of large mammals but also for its diverse birdlife. Nepal is home to 900 different bird species, 32 of which are endangered worldwide. With 407 different species, the Bardia National Park in particular is home to a wide variety of birds.

List of the National parks and other conservation areas.

National Parks in Nepal

Chitwan National Park
Sagarmatha National Park
Rara National Park
Langtang National Park
Shey-Phoksundo National Park
Bardiya National Park
Sukla Phanta National Park
Parsa National Park
Shivapuri National Park
Khaptad National park
Makalu Barun National Park
Bakhe National Park

Wildlife Reserve and Hunting Reserve

Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve
Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Conservation Areas

Annapurna Conservation Area
Gaurishankar Conservation Area
Api Nampa Conservation Area
Manaslu Conservation Area
Kanchanjunga Conservation Area
Krishnasaar Conservation Area