Where should you go hiking in Bhaktapur?

Although Bhaktapur is known as Nepal’s most fascinating historical town, with a treasure mine of temples and cultural artefacts, it is also adjacent to several beautiful hiking trails. Beautiful green valleys and hillsides, calm villages, and snow-capped mountains in the distance make this a perfect spot for a day or overnight hike.

Hiking in the southern arena of Bhaktapur

The beautiful Gundu Village, a hidden gem located south of Bhaktapur, is within walking distance of the city centre.

Suryabinayak is quite close to the valley’s entrance, but it is still a spot where wild animals roam in the dense jungle cover. The world-famous, old Hindu Suryabinayak temple is easy to discover. However, it also offers a difficult journey up a steep stone stairway and is a wonderful destination to visit.

You can travel farther into the valley from Suryabinyak, admiring the beauty and tranquil tiny settlements as you make your way up to Ghyampe Dada. Ghyampe Dada, located at 2,000 meters, provides breathtaking views of the rising Himalayan ranges to the north.

Pilot Baba Ashram, a unique monastery complex built by the spiritual leader known as Pilot Baba, is the most well-known destination in this area.

Then comes, the Ranikot, which is located above and much higher above Ghyampe Danda. It is one of the most beautiful view perceiving points of Bhaktapur too. Somehow it has more old temples and charming overnight housing as well.

From here, you can take in some of the most breathtaking views of the valley and neighbouring mountains. Likewise, you can continue hiking to other wonderful villages and vistas in and around the valley from here. Maligaon, Aashapuri Mahadev, and Anantalingeshwor are some of the examples of it.

Hiking in the eastern arena of Bhaktapur

To the east of Bhaktapur, you can travel up to Nagarkot. It is a mountain village that serves as the beginning point for several interesting excursions. An overnight stay at any of the excellent resorts will allow you to enjoy a magnificent sunset and dawn from the high tower near the village centre.

You could hike or bike up a low mountain crest from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan. Changu is one of Nepal’s most venerated old temples. Changu Narayan is also accessible by car or a long but delightful village stroll from Bhaktapur.

There are both easy and difficult hikes from Bhaktapur that will take you into a lovely world of great beauty, friendly villages, and memories to last a lifetime. So, where did you decide to hike in Bhaktapur?