Ramaroshan Site

Ramaroshan site is one of the best yet less known destinations of Achham District. Because it is located almost on the edge of the nation. There is very little way of connecting to those areas. Perhaps, that’s why, it has been explored by very few groups of people.

But, nowadays, the face of the destination has started to change. People have started to recognize the natural beauty of the Ramaroshan site.

Ramaroshan Lake
Ramaroshan Lake

Ramaroshan Site is a big area that has 12 lakes and around 18 patches of meadows. Meadows are locally known as Patans. Among them, the largest lake has the shape of the English letter “C”. It is called Jigale Lake whereas the smallest lake is Taune Lake. You can do boating in those lakes. The boating was recently started at the Ramaroshan Site, in 2020.

Likewise, the name of the biggest patan (meadows) is Kinemine through which the Kailash River flows. On your way to Ramaroshan, you will find the Kailash River and the bridge named after it. As mentioned earlier, it is the best place to retreat yourself to Nepal. Besides the glimpses of lakes, jungles, and stiff cliffs, it gives you an opportunity to glance at Budhiganga Basin, also known as Bridhaganga along with the peaks of Mount Api and Saipal.

landscapes of Ramaroshan
landscapes of Ramaroshan

The Ramaroshan site is also the best destination to do birdwatching, especially if it is Danfe (Lophophorus), Pheasant, and Cuckoo you want to see.

How to get at Ramaroshan (Ramarosan)?

To go to Ramaroshan, take an airplane or bus to Dhangadi, then drive to Sanfebagar. The flight to Dhangadi will take approximately one hour, and the travel from there will take approximately eight hours.

From there, you can either begin trekking or drive around 2 hours to Jughada and start hiking toward Muju Bagar. If you arrive in Muju Bagar, you will begin hiking at the Ramaroshan site the next day.

But, if you are not a hiking person, then, you can hire a Jeep or Scorpio from Safhebagar to go to Ramaroshan. You will reach there within 4-5 hours if your transportation didn’t take a rest on the way. You can explore a few lakes after reaching there and have to come back from the same way you went there.

You can, however, choose to spend a night at Ramaroshan and return the very next day in the same vehicle. It’ll cost you slightly more than a day trip, of course. But, you will get to explore Ramaroshan fully until you are satisfied.

Best season to explore Ramaroshan

For a trekking challenger, it would not matter, in which season they go. However, if you are more concerned about getting glimpses of landscapes, or mountains, then, you should visit the place from autumn to spring.