Nagarkot is a mesmerizing destination. It is only 32km away from the capital of Nepal. Mostly, travellers prefer to see the sunrise and the sunset over there. With that, they again catch the sight of the great Himalayas trails of Nepal.

You can take a glimpse of eight out of thirteen Himalayan ranges from this height in clear weather. Also, this place is considered as the highest point of Bhaktapur. So, you can also widen your eyes to have a glimpse of the outstanding burghs. However, those eye-catching burghs are the optimistic kingdoms of the then Malla rulers.

Nagarkot somehow is more famous for a one-day hike. Clear weather and good company can make your hiking more worthy. During the hike, you can connect yourself with the locals as well as with nature. You surely become the green panther once you start hiking in this region.

Besides that, Nagarkot is a perfect place for cycling as well. You can do cycling in your own vehicle. Of course, on a natural trail. The lushing and jungles, full of life will freeze your heart. With the moment, you find your destination.

The Mahakali shrine, it’s the religious spot that you can find in Nagarkot. Somehow, this shrine also provides a magnificent sight of the Langtang mountain range.

Horse riding, doesn’t it sound amazing? Well if you are adventurous enough to ride a horse. Then this must be your paradise land. With a simple conversation with the hoteliers, you can manage a horse to roam around Nagarkot. Nagarkot simply is a fantastic place to spend your weekends. Nevertheless, this small portion of land is a gift to Bhaktapur.

Nagarkot is a stunning destination in and of itself. The cool air and views of the epic mountain range from so far away in the morning and evening provide a rewarding moment that you will always remember.

Furthermore, it serves as a hub for all of the other magnificent destinations. It is surrounded by some breathtaking scenery. There are nominal sites from east to west and north to south.