Jiri; land at the gateway to Everest

Jiri is a small town located in the Dolakha district of Nepal. It is primarily known as the starting point for trekkers who wish to trek to the Everest region without taking a flight to Lukla.

Jiri used to be the main gateway to the Everest region before the construction of the Lukla airport. Many trekkers still choose to start their trek from Jiri as it provides a longer and more scenic route to Everest Base Camp. The trek from Jiri to Everest Base Camp takes approximately 20-25 days, passing through picturesque villages and stunning mountain landscapes.

On the way to Jiri
On the way to Jiri PC: Photo credit: markhorrell on Visualhunt

Aside from trekking, Jiri is also known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. The town is home to several Buddhist monasteries, including the Thodung Monastery, also known as Thodung Sarswati Tirtha, which is one of the largest and oldest in the region. Jiri is also surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers.

Jiri is also the home of an ethnic group named Jirels. They somehow love to call themselves Jiriba, which means the people from the mountain. Well, Jibira or Jirba also means the people like leopards. It is believed that they were one of the seven clans of Kirats.

Jiri was the first community in Nepal to receive Swiss aid, and it was built as an agricultural development center. Because of the weather and the residences built with Swiss assistance, it has been referred to as the Switzerland of Nepal.

Chyordong Hill, Jiri
Chyordong Hill, Jiri PC: Photo credit: Censense on Visualhunt

Nevertheless, you can explore several places in and around Jiri like Chyordong Hill, Sikri Valley, Guras and Stone Parks, Hanumante Hill, Lauti Jharana, Tony Hegan Ecological Park, Panch Pokhari and Jata Pokhari, Kalo Bhir, and Ramite Danda.