Bouddhanath is one of Nepal’s oldest and most significant Buddhist monuments. Bouddhanath is one of the holiest constructions, with three enormous Mandala-style platforms rising to a height of 36 meters. It is surrounded by brightly coloured buildings that house families, creating a welcoming environment.

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all around the world visit the stupa each year.

Bouddhanath is touted to be the world’s largest Buddhist stupa, with an 82-meter-wide base. Many tales surround Bouddhanath, the most famous of which is that of the 5th-century Lichivi king Manadev, who built it as a penance site.

Today, more than 50 monasteries encircle Bouddanath, which is also one of the seven monument zones that make up the Kathmandu valley’s world heritage sites.