Bandipur is a small settlement, located about 8 kilometres from the Prithvi roadways to the southern hills, on the way to Pokhara. Unlike other villages, it has an enigmatic image that is entwined with both nature and culture. Furthermore, the spiritedness of a location appears to be really unusual in today’s world.

Having no disruption from chaotic automobiles because vehicles are not permitted in the Bandipur Bazaar, hotels with antiquated Newari-styled architecture, and, on top of that, finding children playing on the streets of Bandipur made you wonder where precisely you were on the planet.

Bandipur is a Newar village that used to serve as a halt on the Tibet-India route. It was also thought to be remote before the Prithivi highway connected Pokhara to the Kathmandu Valley.

Bandipur is said to be a 250-year-old bazaar or market where the Kathmandu valley’s Newars originally arrived and established. The Pradhan from Patan, Shrestha from Kathmandu, and Biya from Bhaktapur were the first to bring Newari art and architecture with them to Bandipur. As a result, some essences in Bandipur may have a similar flavour to Bhaktapur.

Bandipur is a tiny village that not many have heard of. It is such a clean heritage of forefathers that even they must be unaware of what they were making at the time. Thus, visiting Bandipur is worth it.