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Gai Jatra is a unique and colourful festival celebrated in Nepal. Bright, in the sense that it brings together all the ethnic communities as well as visitors together on the procession. It is also comprehended as Sa: Paru which means the “Festival of Cows” and is held to commemorate deceased family members and friends. The festival falls in August or September and lasts for several days.

Here’s an outline of what you can expect on the Gai Jatra special day tour:

  • First, you will be given a brief introduction to Gai Jatra, basically an overview of the Gai Jatra festival, its history, significance, and how it is celebrated in different parts of Nepal.
  • Then, you will observe the processions. During the festival, people take to the streets in a caravan with different masks, symbolic cows or dressed as different deities. These processions are colourful, lively, and full of music, dancing, and merriment. You will get a chance to observe and even join the parade if you wish. In some places, a cow or an ox is led through the streets during the festival. It is believed that the cow helps guide the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. You’ll witness this unique parade and understand its cultural significance.

Gai Jatra is also marked by various performances, including traditional dances, dramas, and street plays. You’ll have the chance to enjoy these cultural performances as well.

As you explore the festival, you can taste traditional Nepali cuisine at local stalls and restaurants. Be prepared to savour the flavours of Nepalese dishes during your tour.

Depending on the festival’s location, your tour may include visits to nearby historical and cultural sites, providing you with a broader understanding of Nepal’s rich heritage.

Please note that the itinerary may vary depending on the specific location and duration of the Gai Jatra festival celebration. It is recommended to check with the tour operator for the most up-to-date details and any specific requirements for the tour.

Joining the Gai Jatra Special Day Tour is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Nepal and witness this unique festival that honours the departed souls with love, laughter, and memories. Enjoy your experience!

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Gai Jatra is a traditional festival celebrated in Nepal, often referred to as Sa: Paru or the "Cow Festival." It is a time of joyous processions, colourful costumes, and humorous performances.

Gai Jatra is usually celebrated during the month of Bhadra (August/September) in the Nepali calendar, corresponding to the Gregorian calendar.

Gai Jatra is celebrated to commemorate and remember loved ones who have passed away during the past year. It is believed that the festival helps the departed souls transition to the afterlife and find peace.

During Gai Jatra, people participate in processions, wear unique and colourful costumes, and engage in humorous performances and acts. Families who have lost a loved one participate in these processions, and people often create satirical paper masks and dress up in a humorous way.

While Gai Jatra is most prominently celebrated in the Kathmandu Valley, it is also observed in other parts of Nepal, although the traditions and customs may vary.

Gai Jatra is typically celebrated for about a week, with the main day of festivities falling on the first day of the festival. However, the duration and intensity of the celebrations may vary from place to place.

Cows hold special significance in Hindu culture, and they are believed to help departed souls in their journey to the afterlife. During Gai Jatra, cows are paraded through the streets to aid these souls and bring happiness to the grieving families.

Yes, Gai Jatra has religious and cultural significance in Nepal. It combines Hindu beliefs about the afterlife and the journey of the soul with a lighthearted and festive atmosphere.

Yes, tourists and visitors are often welcome to observe and participate in the Gai Jatra festivities. It's a unique opportunity to experience Nepali culture, traditions, and the blending of humour and spirituality.

While tourists are generally welcome to join the celebrations, it's important to be respectful and considerate of the cultural and religious aspects of the festival. Dress modestly. And ask for permission before taking photos, specifically of people, and temples, and follow local customs.