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Canyoning is one of the most thrilling activities you could ever experience in your life. Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, began as an adventure sport that used a combination of techniques to enter isolated canyons and gorges.

This exciting outdoor adventure sport includes, of course, rock climbing, trekking, swimming, rafting, rappelling, and abseiling. It might be classified as both a water and a land sport.

However, in countries such as Nepal, canyoning is defined as jumping down the minor waterfalls, following streams, and uncovering deep pools inside unknown tunnels. Despite the fact that it is one of the canyoning’s stakes.

If you enjoy water activities, this could be a good aim to strive for. Canyoning in Nepal is possible at Jalbire waterfalls, Raindi Hola, and the Jagat river.

Don’t worry, a professional guide will be there to help you understand what to do and how to accomplish it. So it’s acceptable if you’re not particularly skilled at outdoor activities.


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