Mustang; a kingdom beyond the Himalayas

If you wish to visit the Upper Mustang via Trek, you can explore the mysterious and alluring old Buddhist Kingdom in Mustang. Mustang, also known as Lo, was a region that is said that once belonged to the Tibetan empire. The area is closely associated with Tibet and Tibetan geography, culture, and language.

Since the place was hidden and isolated from the rest of the world. The Tibetan culture of the place has been preserved with unspoiled natural conditions and terrains. Mustang is surrounded by rocks on all sides and is part of the Dhaulagiri massif. Mustang is surrounded by rocks on all sides and is part of the Dhaulagiri massif.

The rocky terrain creates stunning formations in a variety of hues. Aside from whitewashed homes and barley fields, the area is covered in arid land. The trail designates the path taken by the ancient salt caravan, which transported salt from Tibet in exchange for grains.

Additionally, the walled medieval capital can be seen in the distance.

A completely different world is crafted by the Lo Manthang, one with winding lanes, long walls covered in beautiful prayer wheels, cattle and other farm animals, and lost and hidden Chortens. Given its rocky terrain and stunning natural surroundings, the Upper Mustang region is ideal for trekking.

Mustang; a kingdom beyond the Himalayas is what we assume the Shangrila must have looked like. The place possesses the power of calmness, meditation, and peace. It is situated beyond the Himalayas of Nepal and is surely one of the most spectacular places to visit on earth.

We must say that we are lucky that we now can freely visit such a heaven-like place. It was a restricted area till 1992 (some of them are still a restricted area) from 1962.

However, there are more restricted areas than the upper mustang, where foreigners have to pay around $500 to enter for 10 days. If anyone wishes to stay longer than the mentioned period, then they have to pay an extra $50 per day for a staying permit.

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Though it no longer is the kingdom, the feeling of calling it the kingdom has such a powerful feeling. The trip to the lower mustang is often called the Jomsom tour or the Muktinath trip.

There are several places to visit at Mustang like the monasteries, sky caves, and the Muktinath temple itself.