Bhaktapur, Jewel of the Kathmandu Valley

City of devotees, city of the living goddess, city of art and culture, like a living museum are just some of the phrases that have been used to describe ancient and intriguing Bhaktapur. It is an old city which is inhabited primarily by the indigenous Newari people and skilful artisans, all faithful to the traditions.

Those skills can be readily watched and admired throughout the historic town and especially in Durbar, Taumadhi, Dattatraya, and pottery squares. These places are also the main attractions of Bhaktapur.



The typical styles of the Newari’s most colourful culture could be showcased in so many things like;

  • spectacular festivals
  • fascinating traditions
  • intricate wooden architecture
  • rich metal and stone artworks
  • fantastically preserved palace courtyards
  • cosy alleyways
  • architecturally interesting traditional resting places called Pati
  • traditional spouted fountains (pawas)
  • historical old and new houses
  • shrines of all sizes located in the nooks and corners of Bhaktapur

Despite this richness of offerings, most travel agencies only assign a half-day of sightseeing here. 

What a missed opportunity! 

To spend the night in Bhaktapur is one of the world’s truly unique intense cultural opportunities. 

As the afternoon moves into evening, the quick-moving sightseers take their exit and the authenticity of the cultural opportunity becomes increasingly visible. This is not a place with a tourist night scene. It is as it always has been, a royal jewel of the Kathmandu valley.

To experience real Bhaktapur’s cultural richness one can feel as if they’ve discovered a way to move back through time. The old ways have not been forgotten and evening and morning strolls along its cobbled way can provide awe-inspiring and indelible memories.

These are also the best moments to get your camera the best photography.  

Visiting after sunset is extra magical as the temples get beautifully lit and the street lights add extra drama with little traffic. The early morning and late evenings spent in Bhaktapur are the best times to observe the local activities of worship.

The temples are enchantingly dotted with the flickering light of natural local handmade oil lamps etching their beauty into your memory forever.  Bhaktapur is within easy quick reach of the Kathmandu International airport and makes a great first impression or last goodbye stop for a visitor to Nepal.

Due to the roads and the traffic patterns for those looking for less chaos, this can be a wise choice.

If you are heading to Nepal, it would be a great shame if you miss visiting Bhaktapur and if you visit Bhaktapur, it would be a shame if you didn’t spend a night exploring in and out of Bhaktapur. We provide you with the customised Bhaktapur Package at your request and assure your quality time in Bhaktapur.

By Urmila Jadhari

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